Thursday, September 8, 2011

                                        ~RAAAAWRR Hes a Dinosaur!~

My baby boy that i love with all my heart he is my whole world :)
Sincerly Dweebett!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

>.< My Secret Life No One Knows!

Im 17 years young and currently attending James Monroe High School. I have an adorable baby boy Adrian D.V-S! Hes the one that motivates me to do better evreryday :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE to cook especially for my boyfriend since he loves to eat :D! I love to cut hair (im pretty good i might add but whenever i try to cut my hair it looks horrible thats why im going to wear a bun till it grows out >.<) and when i grow up im going to open up either  a salon called GiGIs or a Restraunt /Bakery named GiGi's. Have'nt really made up my mind yet :P My idol is Martha Stewert because she is like a Domestic Diva!<33 I love to read because when i was growing up we didnt have money for computers and playsation games plus those ROT YOUR BRAINS! lmao :)  My favorite movie of all TIME is Law Abiding Citizen (with that hunk Gerard Butler)if you havnt seen it YOU NEED TO!! Oh and Transformers the first one the second was like ehhh! Well thats it i guess ill add more later to make you read more Muahahahaha >:)
Sincerly Dweebett!